Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Inches to Go Before I Sheep

Dr. Who's Cane is That?

I’ve been trying to think of what to do with the yarn left over from Half a Sheep. It’s not really good for socks, don’t have enough for a sweater, and hats or critters don’t have enough row repeats to be identifiable. A friend showed me a knitted cane "cozy." What a really cool idea!

Since I have to use a cane, dressing it in a Time Lord’s scarf is full of win. I’m not using the original pattern though: my cane is straight with a derby handle,
there is no way her pattern will work with it’s shape.

click for a closer lookAs I was playing around with how to make a cane “scarf” work, which color repeat, or which part of the color repeats to use, how many stitches to cast on, etc., I decided I want it to drape like the Doctor’s scarf, too.

So I cast on 16 stitches (gauge is 4.5/in.) and I’m doing 1/2 of each of the color repeats from the season 12 scarf. After some trial and error, I decided to knit it flat; and will seam the part that goes around the cane once it’s done. The rest (about 2/3rds of the total length) I’ll leave flat, loop over the handle, let hang, and add tassels. As much as I hate seaming, it’s going to look better and be
easier than trying to work such a small circumference in the round.

Update 9/26/12: The knitting has been done for a month, and I DID have enough yarn. I accidentally left my cane at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago, and so haven't seamed or "fitted," or tasseled it yet. I want to have the actual cane to do that, so I can block it to shape on the cane itself. Soon, I hope.

Further Update: 10/20/12
Blocked it, whip stitched the “around the cane” part to make a tube,added tassels to the “loose” end. I did the tassels in groups of three three colors each, placing one every other stitch, and changing the colors with each one so they were “evenly” represented. I had just enough (literally!) of the green to finish it, and less than yard left of the brown and the tan.
This one’s been FUN.
I've really enjoyed the looks and comments I've gotten on my scarf covered cane. No one has realized it's a play on Dr. Who yet; if I make it to a science fiction convention in a couple of weeks, perhaps that will change.

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